Bulgaria/Romania border (with no transport!)

Sevenbythree was first conceived about 12 years ago, when my interest and passion for photography grew from a “borrowed” school camera through the love of capturing mate’s bands in Melbourne pubs. This site is an album as such; a medium to document the places I have seen, the spaces I have captured and to share the moments of events of clients and myself.

My images have been shared in a variety of forums including mainstream print media, television commercials and my nans lounge room.

Please keep checking back, as with time more images of my travels and willing participants will be added. In the mean time click on the little shopping trolley if you like them...!

“We were so excited that Wade was able to fly over to the UK to photograph and share in our wedding. On the day he managed to capture all the moments from preparation to the final stages of the reception in a very non-intrusive way. We now have an amazing collection of pictorial memories for ourselves, family and friends.”
Emma & Simon, York UK